About us

Why did we choose to produce handmade bow ties

The idea of creating products from natural materials originated in early 2015. Like all young domestic brands, we tried to find a niche among the handmade accessories manufacturers.The first product we created was the sunglasses in a wooden frame. Then we had product range widening and the wooden bow tie era. Bow tie is the main and most popular among our product at the moment.

Upon numerous customers’ requests, we have now cufflinks made of wood as a supplement to the butterflies. Producing these products, we had a dream to create something of our own, to contribute our share, to introduce new trend, so the idea was to create accessories for shoes, because shoes emphasize the owner’s special status.

Our main goal

The main goal that we set for ourselves was creating high – quality accessories made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. Accessories that would complement the owner’s image and could make him or her unique.

Basic principles of our work

In the early stages of creating accessories WoodTon, we set a goal to create such products that we would be able to wear, that we would like to give to our loved ones and to our business partners. The basic principles of our work are doing what we can do best, something that brings us pleasure and that our customers will appreciate. Receiving hundreds of positive feedback from our customers, seeing happy WoodTon accessories owners, fulfilling custom orders from regular customers, we believe we have set the right priorities in our work and in the future we will improve them.

Our main buyers

At the moment, the main WoodTon products buyers are from the USA and Europe, in particular Germany, France, Italy, however, sales in other countries such as Australia, Canada, Austria begin to actively grow. In the future we plan to cover the whole Europe, as well as to start cooperation with offline stores where the customer can see the product physically, assess its quality, order a custom design.

How we produce our bow ties